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Introducing Build Profiles

Jake Buchholz Göktürk requested to merge feature/build_profiles into master

This is a big update, directly related to issue #37 (closed) (build profiles), reorganizes variables.yaml into base, version, and arch core profiles, which are merged (and optionally tweaked) in build profiles. Foundations are also laid to progress issues #28 (closed) (aarch64 AMIs), #22 (closed) (Setup CI), #20 (closed) (update generate/cleanup scripts), and #23 (closed) (retention policy).

Although there are still a couple of improvements I'm working on with regards to improvements, building AMIs from profiles is working...

make PROFILE=test  # all build targets of the test profile
make PROFILE=test BUILD=test-edge-x86_64 # just one build target

...and I'm hoping to get some feedback with what's been done so far.

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