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testing/gajim: Fixes

Marian Buschsieweke requested to merge maribu/aports:gajim into master
  • testing/py3-secretstorage: new aport
    • This is a dependency of py3-keyring, that was not yet packaged
  • testing/py3-keyring: Added missing dependencies
    • This is a dependency of gajim. With py3-keyring broken, gajim does not work
  • testing/gajim: Adapt for new py3-keyring
    • The old version of py3-keyring was named "pyKeyring" in the python universe, while gajim was expecting "keyring" as name. A patch was added to fix this.
    • With the update of py3-keyring, the python name now is "keyring", as expected by gajim. Now the patch has to be dropped to keep it working

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