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testing/{gedit,gedit-plugins}: move from community, upgrade to 47.0, claim maintainership

mio requested to merge mio/aports:gedit into master

As noted in !54977 (merged), gedit depends on tepl (tepl-dev) which now depends on libgedit-gtksourceview, libgedit-amtk and libgedit-gfls. Sonames were changed, e.g. amtk from to, tepl from to, gtksourceview from to

While it is probably safe to rename tepl and amtk to libgedit-tepl and libgedit-amtk respectively, it was noted on irc that libgedit-gtksourceview is possibly a fork rather than the same upstream rebranding. To avoid accidentally removing a package, the MR adds the libgedit-* packages as new libraries (at least for now) to distinguish that these are gedit-centric libraries.

The MR also puts gedit and gedit-plugins back to testing to check they are working well before eventually moving them along with the libgedit-* dependencies to community.

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