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community/tepl: drop maintainership

jane400 requested to merge (removed):drop-tepl into master

tepl starting from 6.5.1 started depending on libgedit-gtksourceview and from 6.8.0 on libgedit-amtk-5. for a tepl 6.8.0 and a gedit/gnome-latex upgrade both of these forks need to be packaged. i don't want to, but someone else can pick them up if they want.

ripgrepping on aports resulted in only gedit and gnome-latex depending on tepl, seems like i forgot it in !49959 (commits)

@Saijin-Naib you picked up gnome-latex here, do you want to pick this package up? then this mr can be closed. you can also move this to testing, if you feel more comfortable with this. As outlined here me and other people don't have any technical arguments against inclusion into aports. :)

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