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Draft: feat(apk-tools): provide APK output to syslog

Closes #13

I am still fighting with Rust, so this is the only way I could find to redirect the output, since I did not find a way to access the file descriptor or "fern" for writing. This has the problem that the output for a certain operation is only printed AFTER the operation has completed, and not concurrently, which can lead users feeling that the operation is stuck. However, still some TODOs:

  • Reduce code duplication. @Cogitri, do you have suggestions? I suck with Rust.
  • Also redirect stderr.
  • Respect newlines. Right now syslog output looks like this: Nov 14 19:19:37 alpine-edge apk-polkit-server[6332]: (1/5) Purging gnome-2048 (3.38.2-r2) (2/5) Purging clutter-gtk (1.8.4-r2) (3/5) Purging clutter (1.26.4-r1) (4/5) Purging cogl (1.22.8-r1) (5/5) Purging libgnome-games-support (1.8.1-r1) Executing busybox-1.35.0-r27.trigger Executing glib-2.74.1-r2.trigger Executing gtk-update-icon-cache-3.24.34-r7.trigger Executing desktop-file-utils-0.26-r1.trigger OK: 5800 MiB in 1121 packages

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