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deps: update module to v2.7.4

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change require patch v2.7.1 -> v2.7.4

Release Notes

gdamore/tcell (

v2.7.4: Version 2.7.4 Bug Fix Release

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This release fixes a problem with restoring cursor location properly on Windows.

It also includes a new stress test for your terminal (FPS monitor) contributed by @​Bios-Marcel

v2.7.3: Version 2.7.3 Bug Fix Release

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This release just updates the terminfo data using current data from Ubuntu 24.04 (Noble). It fixes a regression where we dropped some capabilities including StrikeThrough for some terminals.

v2.7.2: Version 2.7.2 Improvement Release

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This release does not add new APIs, but it does improve the functionality of tcell on Windows, and provides an "undocumented" feature for managing the alternate screen buffer.

  • Windows uses VT mode output everywhere except on ConEmu (because VT output mode on ConEmu is borked for colors)
    • The TCELL_VTMODE environment variable can be set to "enable" or "disable" to force attempting to use (or not) this mode.
  • Windows now uses the alternate screen buffer by default, and preserves the original screen content
  • Use of the alternate screen can be disabled setting the TCELL_ALTSCREEN environment variable to "disable".
  • If the alternate screen is disabled in that fashion, we will not clear the screen either. This is an experimental way to preserve the output from a tcell application on exit or suspend. Feedback on this would be appreciated.

The specific environment variables listed here are not considered part of the Tcell API, and their presence and meaning may change without notice at any time. Please consider them experimental and let us know whether these are useful or not.

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