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deps: update module to v2.7.1

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change require minor v2.6.1-0.20231203215052-2917c3801e73 -> v2.7.1

Release Notes

gdamore/tcell (

v2.7.1: Version 2.7.1 Bug Fix Release

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This release fixes a few problems, and also adds a feature that was missing on Windows.

  • Fix for disappearing wide (including emoji) characters on Windows (#​621)
  • Fix for wide characters causing scrolling when on bottom line on UNIX/Linux (#​679)
  • Fix for PollEvent returning nil on screen Suspend (regression) (#​687)
  • Fix for AltGr modifiers on Windows, contributed by stk


  • Support for the termite (defunct) was removed from the built-in terminals. The fallback support by parsing terminfo still works. The termite project is now abandoned and the project advises users to use Alacritty (which is natively supported in tcell.)
  • Support for focus event reporting was added for Windows
  • The Views API no longer uses deprecated tcell functions internally (#​682)

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