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deps: update module to v1.64.0

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change require minor v1.63.2 -> v1.64.0

Release Notes

grpc/grpc-go (

v1.64.0: Release 1.64.0

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API Changes

  • stats: Deprecate InPayload.Data and OutPayload.Data; they were experimental and will be deleted in the next release (#​7121)

Behavior Changes

  • codec: Remove handling of environment variable GRPC_GO_ADVERTISE_COMPRESSORS to suppress setting supported compressors in grpc-accept-encoding header. Compressors will always be advertised, as they have been by default for some time (#​7203)

New Features

  • resolver/dns: Add SetMinResolutionInterval to set the minimum interval at which DNS re-resolutions may occur (#​6962)
  • peer/peer: Implement the fmt.Stringer interface for pretty printing Peer, and
  • metadata/metadata: Implement the fmt.Stringer interface for pretty printing MD (#​7137)

Performance Improvements

  • client: Improve RPC performance by reducing work while holding a lock (#​7132)

Bug Fixes

  • transport/server: Display the proper timeout value when keepalive pings are not ack'd in time (#​7038)
  • channelz: Fix bug that was causing the subchannel's target to be unset (#​7189)
  • stats: Fix bug where peer was not set in context when calling stats handler for OutPayload, InPayload, and End (#​7096)


  • deps: Remove dependency on deprecated module (#​7122)


  • grpc: Deprecate WithBlock, WithReturnConnectionError, FailOnNonTempDialError which are ignored by NewClient (#​7097)
  • grpc: Deprecate Dial and DialContext. These will continue to be supported throughout 1.x, but are deprecated to direct users to NewClient (See #​7090 for more information)
  • examples: Add custom lb example (#​6691)

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