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deps: update dependency netbox-community/netbox to v3.7.3

Renovate-Bot requested to merge renovate/netbox-community-netbox-3.x into master

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change
netbox-community/netbox patch v3.7.2 -> v3.7.3

Release Notes

netbox-community/netbox (netbox-community/netbox)

v3.7.3: - 2024-02-21

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  • #​14587 - Display a human-friendly name for the OpenID Connect remote auth backend
  • #​14946 - Remove associate_by_email() from default social auth pipeline
  • #​14966 - Add PostgreSQL index for object type & ID on CachedValue table to improve performance
  • #​15177 - Add "last login" time to user display & REST API serializer

Bug Fixes

  • #​14058 - Limit platform options by manufacturer when editing a device or device type
  • #​14064 - Resolving parent location should consider assigned site when bulk importing locations
  • #​14079 - Ensure changes are logged on related objects when deleting an object referenced via a many-to-many relationship (e.g. tags)
  • #​14405 - Clean up formatting of link peers in bulk CSV export of cable termination objects
  • #​14689 - Preserve "empty" default values for JSON custom fields
  • #​14952 - Update existing AutoSyncRecord when changing the data file of an auto-synced object
  • #​15059 - Correct IP address count link in VM interfaces table
  • #​15067 - Fix uncaught exception when attempting invalid device bay import
  • #​15070 - Fix inclusion of config_template field on REST API serializer for virtual machines
  • #​15084 - Fix "add export template" link under "export" button on object list views
  • #​15090 - Ensure protection rules are evaluated prior to enqueueing events when deleting an object
  • #​15091 - Fix designation of the active tab for assigned object when modifying an L2VPN termination
  • #​15101 - Correct OpenAPI schema for rack elevation REST API endpoint
  • #​15115 - Fix unhandled exception with invalid permission constraints
  • #​15126 - group field should be optional when creating VPN tunnel via REST API
  • #​15127 - Add missing group column to VPN tunnels table
  • #​15133 - Fix FHRP group representation on assignments REST API endpoint using brief mode
  • #​15174 - Warn that permission constraints are not supported for reports or scripts
  • #​15184 - Correct REST API schema definition for front_image & rear_image on DeviceType
  • #​15185 - Ensure error messages pertaining to related objects are displayed on the bulk import form
  • #​15192 - Fix exception when viewing current config when no history is present

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