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big rework for goroutines

Leo requested to merge Leo/aports-qa-bot:big-rework into master
  • feat(MinimumRequiredSettings): split into its own file
  • refactor(server): run MinimumRequiredSettingsJob in a goroutine
  • feat(CancelMergeRequestPipelines): split into its own file
  • refactor(server): run CancelMergeRequestPipelinesJob in a goroutine
  • feat(automaintainer): implement AutoMaintainerJob
  • refactor(server): run AutoMaintainerJob in a goroutine
  • refactor(server): print MR and Project props in the log
  • feat(CancelMergeRequestPipelines): use sync.WaitGroup
  • feat(MinimumRequiredSettings): use sync.WaitGroup
  • feat(automaintainer): use sync.WaitGroup
  • feat(server): use sync.WaitGroup
  • feat(autolabel): implement AutoLabelerJob
  • feat(server): run AutoLabelerJob in a goroutine
  • refactor(automaintainer): remove unnecessary Msgf
  • refactor(AutoLabeler): rename
  • refactor(AutoMaintainer): rename

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