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Alpine v3.8, etc.

Jake Buchholz Göktürk requested to merge github/fork/tomalok/master into master

Created by: tomalok

  • switch to alpine v3.8
  • add public_ip variable, setting to 'true' allows packer to build from outside AWS
  • use smallest instance_type (t2.nano) and volume_size (1 GiB)
  • eu-west-3 region is live; ap-northeast-3 requires subscription
  • no longer need setup_staging_repos function...
    • tiny-ec2-bootstrap is available in main since v3.8
    • aws-ena-driver-vanilla is only available in edge/testing
  • switched to linux-vanilla since linux-hardened is no longer available and linux-virt does not have NVME available
    • TODO? make kernel choice selectable (significant memory/disk savings if linux-virt can be used)

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