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Build Profiles, 3.9.4, and 3.10.0

Jake Buchholz Göktürk requested to merge feature/profiles_and_3.9.4 into master

Created by: tomalok

  • Build Profiles (completion of PR #49)
    • auto-updates version profile when new release detected
    • updates releases/<profile>.yaml after successful builds
  • Prune AMIs (in AWS and releases/<profile>.yaml) at different levels...
    • 'revision' - keep latest revision per release
    • 'release' - keep latest release per version
    • 'version' - remove end-of-life versions
    • resolves issue #20 (closed) and provides a way to manage issue #23
  • releases/ updater script (resolves issue #20 (closed))
  • The above should provide most of the necessary functionality for setting up CICD (issue #22 (closed))
  • README overhaul...
    • Pre-built AMIs --> releases/
      • mentions /var/lib/cloud/.bootstrap-complete (resolves issue #48 (closed))
    • profiles/ for in-depth profile configuration details
    • main overhauled to go over how to build and manage custom AMIs

Also, new AMIs for Alpine 3.10.0, Alpine 3.9.4 (resolves #39 (closed)), and today's snapshot of Alpine Edge.

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