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testing/notcurses: new aport

Nick Black requested to merge (removed):testing/notcurses into master

This PR obsoletes !9828 (closed) (closed).

This packages the notcurses project into five Alpine APKs:

notcurses-1.5.3-r0.apk notcurses-dbg-1.5.3-r0.apk notcurses-dev-1.5.3-r0.apk notcurses-doc-1.5.3-r0.apk notcurses-static-1.5.3-r0.apk

Notcurses is an advanced library for TUIs and character graphics. It is necessary for another project I'm hoping to add to Alpine, and interesting in and of itself.

I do not build nor run unit tests yet, because of a missing buildtime dependency on Doctest. I intend to package doctest for Alpine, and if it is admitted, I'll be able to enable these unit tests. For now, I have options="!check".

Per request of @mps, I have refreshed and squashed everything.

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