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[3.12] community/gitea: upgrade to v1.11.8

6543 requested to merge 6543/aports:3.12-community-gitea_v1.11.8 into 3.12-stable

1.11.8 - 2020-06-21

    • Really fix webpack_public_path for 1.11

1.11.7 - 2020-06-18

    • Use ID or Where to instead directly use Get when load object from database
    • Fix webpack_public_path for 1.11
    • Fix verification of subkeys of default gpg key
    • Remove unnecessary parentheses in wiki/view template
    • Doctor fix xorm.Count nil on sqlite error

1.11.6 - 2020-05-30

    • Fix missing authorization check on pull for public repos of private/limited org
    • Use session for retrieving org teams
    • Return json on 500 error from API
    • Fix wrong milestone in webhook message
    • Prevent (caught) panic on login
    • Fix commit page js error
    • Use media links for img in post-process
    • Ensure public repositories in private organizations are visible and fix admin organizations list
    • Set correct Content-Type value for Gogs/Gitea webhooks
    • Allow all members of private orgs to see public repos
    • Whenever the ctx.Session is updated, release it to save it before sending the redirect
    • Forcibly clean and destroy the session on logout
    • Fix /api/v1/orgs/* endpoints by changing parameter to :org from :orgname
    • Add tracked time fix to doctor
    • Fix webpack chunk loading with STATIC_URL_PREFIX
    • Remove unnecessary parentheses in wiki/revision.tmpl to allow 1.11 to build on go1.14
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