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[3.11] community/gitea: upgrade to v1.10.6

6543 requested to merge 6543/aports:3.11-community-gitea_v1.10.6 into 3.11-stable

1.10.6 - 2020-03-10

This is a re-tag version of v1.10.5 and also explicitly built with Go 1.13.

WARNING: v1.10.5 is incorrectly tagged targeting 1.12-dev and should not be used.

1.10.5 - 2020-03-06

    • Fix release attachments being deleted while upgrading

1.10.4 - 2020-02-16

    • Prevent empty LDAP search from deactivating all users
    • Fix reply on code review
    • Fix branch page pull request title and link error
    • Fix milestone API state parameter unhandled
    • Fix wiki raw view on sub path
    • Fix RocketChat Webhook
    • Fix bug about wrong dependencies permissions check and other wrong permissions check
    • Ensure that 2fa is checked on reset-password

1.10.3 - 2020-01-17

    • Hide credentials when submitting migration
    • Never allow an empty password to validate
    • Prevent redirect to Host
    • Hide public repos owned by private orgs
    • Allow assignee on Pull Creation when Issue Unit is deactivated
    • Fix download file wrong content-type
    • Fix wrong identify poster on a migrated pull request when submit review
    • Fix dump non-exist log directory
    • Fix compare
    • Fix missing msteam webhook on organization
    • Fix add team on collaborator page when same name as organization
    • Fix cache problem on dashboard
    • Send tag create and push webhook when release created on UI
    • Branches not at ref commit ID should not be listed as Merged

1.10.2 - 2020-01-02

    • Allow only specific Columns to be updated on Issue via API
    • Add ErrReactionAlreadyExist error
    • Fix bug when migrate from API
    • Use default avatar for ghost user
    • Fix repository issues pagination bug when there are more than one label filter
    • Fix deleted branch not removed when push the branch again
    • Fix missing repository status when migrating repository via API
    • Trigger webhook when deleting a branch after merging a PR
    • Fix paging on /repos/{owner}/{repo}/git/trees/{sha} API endpoint
    • Fix NewCommitStatus
    • Use OriginalURL instead of CloneAddr in migration logging
    • Fix Slack webhook payload title generation to work with Mattermost
    • DefaultBranch needs to be prefixed by BranchPrefix
    • Fix issue indexer not triggered when migrating a repository
    • Fix bug that release attachment files not deleted when deleting repository
    • Fix migration releases
    • Fix File Edit: Author/Committer interchanged
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