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community/gdal: new drivers

Holger Jaekel requested to merge hjaekel/aports:gdal into master

new gdal drivers:

  • FITS -raster- (rw+): Flexible Image Transport System
  • GMT -raster- (rw): GMT NetCDF Grid Format
  • netCDF -raster,vector- (rw+s): Network Common Data Format
  • DODS -raster- (ro): DAP 3.x servers
  • BAG -raster- (rwv): Bathymetry Attributed Grid
  • HDF5 -raster- (rovs): Hierarchical Data Format Release 5
  • HDF5Image -raster- (rov): HDF5 Dataset

new ogr drivers: netCDF, LIBKML, OGR_DODS

  • netCDF -raster,vector- (rw+s): Network Common Data Format
  • LIBKML -vector- (rw+v): Keyhole Markup Language (LIBKML)
  • OGR_DODS -vector- (ro): OGR_DODS

fixes #8783 (closed) (this was already closed when libkml was added to testing, but unless libkml is linked to gdal, the driver is not available in gdal)

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