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testing/task3: new aport

mio requested to merge mio/aports:task3 into master
Command-line to-do list manager

This is version 3 of task, added as a new aport based on previous discussions.

  • Add post-install notice for version 2 users to export before using the new version
  • Fix taskchampion timestamp build error for 32-bit arches
  • Use newer ring version which fixes build error for ppc64le, riscv64, s390x

Based on patches from:


  • task add, task list and task <id> done commands seem to be broken (partially for task add) on armv7. x86_64 is fine. Other arches untested.
  • It should be possible to have the package use system corrosion and sqlite3 instead of vendor libs, but got a segfault during installation of the package when using system corrosion. (This is for corrosion 0.4.1-r0 as of current writing, corrosion upstream recently released 0.5.0.) Another patch will be needed to Cargo.lock to use system sqlite3.
  • rust-lang/libc is updated to 0.2.155, and confirmed working for loongarch64 (thanks to znley).
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