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community/py3-docopt-ng: enable checks & claim maintainership

Daniel Mizyrycki requested to merge mzdaniel/aports:py-docopt-ng into master

Congratulations for the latest 3.20 release, team!

I found a package I'm actively using had its tests disabled and thought was a good opportunity to give back.

py-docopt-ng is succesfully passing all its tests but pytest shows a PytestRemovedIn9Warning for the deprecated 'path' argument that is easily solved with:

-def pytest_collect_file(file_path: Path, path, parent): +def pytest_collect_file(file_path: Path, parent):

Background: Pytest is in the process of updating that function as documented in and

In the meantime, I'm submitting this merge request so we can properly run our necessary checks and I am creating an issue upstream so it could have a proper fix.

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