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testing/hyprland: upgrade to 0.40.0

Zach DeCook requested to merge earboxer1/aports:hyprland into master

Please note: when you update, the new hyprctl won't work with the old instance of hyprland, so if you have any scripts that use hyprctl, plan on restarting as soon as this upgrade is done.

(giving a message like Couldn't connect to /dev/shm/zach/hypr/fe7b748eb668136dd0558b7c8279bfcd7ab4d759_1715817061/.socket.sock. (3)

also, waybar doesn't show the workspaces any more...? (at least version 0.9.24) If that's a problem with the latest version, then this update should wait... fixed in which is already in edge.

Workaround for these "issues" is a symlink (ln -s $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/hypr /tmp/hypr or vice-versa)

(if this were a community package and not testing, I might have tried to incorporate the workaround as a post-upgrade hook)

Hyprland 0.40.0 seems to fix a keyboard-focus related issue on touchscreen devices (that I may have introduced when fixing another keyboard-focus issue on touchscreen devices).

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