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community/gitea: upgrade to 1.22.0

Fabricio Silva requested to merge fabricionaweb/aports:update-gitea into master

Breaking changes:
Consider open the references to read more

  • Improve reverse proxy documents and clarify the AppURL guessing behavior (#31003) (#31020)
  • Remember log in for a month by default (#30150)
  • Breaking summary for template refactoring (#29395)
    • All custom templates need to follow these changes
  • Recommend/convert to use case-sensitive collation for MySQL/MSSQL (#28662)
  • Make offline mode as default to not connect external avatar service by default (#28548)
  • Include public repos in the doer's dashboard for issue search (#28304)
  • Use restricted sanitizer for repository description (#28141)
  • Support storage base path as prefix (#27827)
  • Enhanced auth token / remember me (#27606)
  • Rename the default themes to gitea-light, gitea-dark, gitea-auto (#27419)
    • If you didn't see the new themes, please remove the [ui].THEMES config option from app.ini
  • Require MySQL 8.0, PostgreSQL 12, MSSQL 2012 (#27337)

APKBUILD changes:

  • add -doc sub-package for MIT license
  • enable/fix tests (aarch64 and x86_64 only)
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