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community/py3-build: disable failing tests

omni requested to merge omni/aports:disable-tests-py3-build into master
INFO Building wheel...
=========================== short test summary info ============================
FAILED tests/[False-1]
FAILED tests/[False-uv]
FAILED tests/[uv-venv+uv-None]
FAILED tests/[pip-virtualenv+pip-True]
FAILED tests/[False-3]
FAILED tests/[False-2]
FAILED tests/[False]
FAILED tests/[False-0]
FAILED tests/[pip-virtualenv+pip-None]
FAILED tests/[False]
FAILED tests/[False-via-sdist-isolation]
FAILED tests/[False]
============ 12 failed, 135 passed, 48 skipped, 1 xfailed in 53.08s ============
>>> ERROR: py3-build: check failed

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