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community/gcr4: upgrade to 4.3.0, move gcr-ssh-agent to gcr4, and many more cleanups for gcr3/gcr4

knuxify requested to merge knuxify/aports:gcr4-ssh-agent into master

Fixes #15965 (closed). Began as a simple upgrade and make gcr-ssh-agent default job, and ended up growing into a lot more...

A rundown of all the changes in this MR:

  • Upgrade gcr4 to 4.2.1
  • Drop gcr-ssh-agent from gcr, move it to gcr4
  • Drop dependency on gcr-ssh-agent from gcr and gcr4, move it into gnome package
  • Add autostart .desktop file, wrapper and profile.d tweak to make gcr-ssh-agent the default when installed
  • Move to gcr-base subpackage, update all packages to match
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