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Linphone suite: upgrade to 5.3.38, main/mbedtls: upgrade to 3.6.0 LTS & community/mbedtls2: new aport

Celeste requested to merge Celeste/aports:upgrade-linphone-mbedtls3 into master

This is a continuation of !63205 (closed), and attempts to get mbedtls 2 out of main/ in 3 steps.

First, it upgrades bctoolbox to version 5.3.38 (along with the rest of the Linphone suite), as the version we currently have does not support mbedtls 3 (and bctoolbox is probably the reason mbedtls is in main anyway).

I see that bctoolbox 5.3.41 has been released a few days ago, but i don't think all the components of the Linphone suite have been released for that version.

Next, this MR rebuilds another 6 aports against main/mbedtls 3.6.0 (dillo, imhex, openrgb, amiitool, dislocker, and hiawatha which requires an upgrade).

Lastly, it adds a new community/mbedtls2 aport, and moves 7 aports that fail to build against mbedtls 3.6.0 to it (dolphin-emu, retroarch, godot, libretro-dolphin, lowjs, py3-mbedtls, shadowsocks-libev).

librist, while buildable with mbedtls 3.6.0, has to be kept on mbedtls2 to prevent dolphin-emu and retroarch from loading 2 different versions of mbedtls (through libavformat). With that, obs-studio is also in the same situation, and has to stay on mbedtls2 due to librist.

I didn't really look too deeply into why those aports fail, quite a number of them are inactive upstream, or have submodules that have to be upgraded together in the APKBUILD (i feel it is better the maintainers of those aports themselves do the switch to mbedtls 3, as i am not familiar with the inner workings of those aports).

Adding a community/mbedtls2 aport buys us some time (for those aports to be moved to mbedtls 3), while also ensuring we don't have to support mbedtls 2 in main/ for 2 years with the Alpine 3.20 release.

Here is an important final observation: all 4 aports in community/ that use mbedtls2 (dolphin-emu, librist, obs-studio, retroarch) have to be migrated to mbedtls 3 at the same (see details in the comments below). So, i don't think we should allow the aports in community/ that need mbedtls 2 to block the upgrade of main/mbedtls to 3.6.0 LTS.

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