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community/clifm: upgrade to 1.17

Carl Chave requested to merge sodface/aports:community/clifm into master

1.17 (Lechuck) - Feb 9, 2024


  • When quitting via a keybinding, clifm breaks pasting into the terminal from the clipboard.
  • Files not colored by extension in the 'trash list' screen.
  • $COLUMNS and $LINES not set in 'clifmimg' script if running with '--preview'.
  • "ow dir/" inserts space char instead of listing subsdirs in dir.
  • "ow FILE APP" fails with "Key has expired" when APP does not exist.
  • No error message when using a custom resource opener.
  • Opening a file named 'config' (in the CWD) instead of running the command 'config'.
  • Segfault when bleach temp file is removed in the middle of the operation.
  • 'bl sel' command creates broken symbolic links when directory in path contains spaces.
  • Bookmarks named "q" or "quit" cannot be opened in the bookmarks screen (these names are now disallowed).
  • Segfault when processing more than 32 quoted words in the command line.
  • Expanding quoted ELNs for external commands.
  • Underlined color attribute for non-existent bookarmks takes files list after bookmarks screen.
  • Cannot import aliases from file name containing spaces.
  • Success exit code (0) when temp file changed on disk while bulk renaming/removing.
  • Cannot remove directories from the trash can.
  • 'md' sometimes fails as 'new'.
  • Success exit code when 'new' fails to create file.
  • Desel screen not working with incomplete ranges (no second field).
  • Virtual directories: directories, file type and MIME type expansions, file names containing spaces, selection, and globbing/regex not working. Also, cannot virtualize files names containing spaces and passed by ELN.
  • 'p/pp' cannot handle relative symbolic links.
  • 'l/le' do not allow creating relative symbolic links.
  • Some plugins not working with file names containing spaces.
  • Symlinks to directory shown when both 'only-dirs' and 'no-follow-symlinks' are enabled.
  • Wrong finder offset for paths containing spaces when running with --fuzzy-matching.
  • Quick-help not opened via pager (Solaris/Haiku).


  • Add total size to 'trash list' screen.
  • Implement exit code 126 (as defined by POSIX: see exit(1p)).
  • Print amount of symbolic links created with the 'bl' command.
  • 'bl': Do not ask for links suffix: use the original filename (plus integer suffix to make it unique).
  • Bookmarks screen: Allow entering bookmark names containing spaces without using backslashes.
  • Allow bookmarking the same path multiple times.
  • Make cd-on-quit work with plain 'q' command. 'Q' (uppercase) command is deprecated.
  • Confirmation dialog for 'history clear'.
  • Confirmation dialog when removing files from trash.
  • Autocommand files ('' and '.cfm.out') won't be read unless 'ReadAutocmdFiles' is set to 'true' in the main config file.
  • Hardened autocommand files: They will be read only provided they are: non-empty regular files of at most PATH_MAX bytes, and no NUL byte is contained in them (to minimize the chances of executing random content from a binary file).
  • Allow marking specific jump entries as permanent. Consult the manpage for more information.
  • Properly right pad human sizes in long view.
  • Allow properties fields order customization in long view mode via PropFields.

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