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Draft: main/linux-firmware: compress firmware with zstd

Newbyte requested to merge Newbyte/aports:compress-firmware into master

Uses the upstream install-zst target. ZSTD_CLEVEL=19 saves around 40 MB over the default (which is 3, I think).

  • Uncompressed: 1,0 GB
  • ZSTD_CLEVEL unset: 509,1 MB
  • ZSTD_CLEVEL=10: 494,4 MB
  • ZSTD_CLEVEL=19: 469,7 MB

xz with the default compression level was 445,8 MB, but it is slower to decompress and about as slow as ZSTD_CLEVEL=19 to compress. I didn't measure the exact time, but it felt similarly long. ZSTD_CLEVEL=10 and ZSTD_CLEVEL unset were fast to compress. These tests were conducted on an i5-6200U with 8 GB of RAM, so not the beefiest system.

Closes #15756

Draft because 100% untested. This means that the firmware file names change and that kernels need to have zstd decompression support enabled, otherwise firmware loading will break.

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