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testing/hyprland: new aport

Zach DeCook requested to merge earboxer1/aports:hyprland into master

Hyprland is the "Tiling compositor with the looks". (For me, it's just a tiling compositor with a nice swipe-to-change-workspace feature and the background blurring is cool too).

Previous packaging attempts of Hyprland have been rejected because it uses wlroots-git. Hyprland has (for almost a year and half) used a tagged commit of wlroots and (for about half a year) includes a patch to bump the soversion of wlroots (so as not to conflict with future wlroots releases).

As packaged below, hyprland will not conflict with sway, wlroots, or wlroots-dev, but hyprland-dev will conflict with wlroots-dev. (this is the same as how wlroots0.16-dev conflicts with wlroots-dev).

All that to say, I think there should be no technical problem with the package using its bundled wlroots, but I'm happy to work through anything if it comes up.

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