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[3.18] community/bzip3: upgrade to 1.3.2

Simon Rupf requested to merge elrido/aports:bzip3-1.3.2 into 3.18-stable

backported to 3.18 due to fixing a breaking change:


  • Add the -r option ("recovery"). If a file fails to decompress fully (e.g. due to a CRC error), ignore it and write the file regardless.
  • Add preliminary CMake support.
  • Fix the include guard macro name to work with pedantic compilers.
  • Fix the shift direction in the crc32 check function. Because of a programming mistake, v1.3.0 and v1.3.1 introduced a breaking change to the CRC calculation code. The change has been reverted in this release. While the archives created with these versions of bzip3 will fail to regularly decompress due to a checksum error, using the recovery option as bzip3 -rd to decompress will restore their original contents.


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