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[git based] community/minetest: support for touchscreen enablement, LTO optimizations, RISC-V and PPC64le support

David Heidelberg requested to merge okias/aports:minetest-touch into master
    community/minetest: allow touchscreen enablement at runtime
     - Bump to git version
     - Bump Irrlicht to git version and enable SDL2 (default now)
     - make luajit optional (enables ppc64le and riscv64)
     - fix ppc64le build (and improve other archs)
     - enable IPO/LTO optimizations (smaller binaries)
     - phone/handheld/tablet autodetection
     - disable update checker (ENABLE_UPDATE_CHECKER)

Signed-off-by: David Heidelberg

Edited by David Heidelberg

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