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main/lttng-ust: fix busybox mkdir detection

Valery Ushakov requested to merge nbuwe/aports:lttng-ust-busybox-mkdir into master

This aport fails to build when cmake is installed on the host.

What happens is that the presence of cmake is detected and doc/examples tries to recurse into a cmake-related subdir. It needs to create a build directory. But earlier - configure failed to recognize busybox mkdir as "a race-free mkdir -p", so configure used config/install-sh instead, and since it uses a relative(!) path to it, that relative path is no longer valid after cd:

cd $$subdir && $(MKDIR_P) build && ...

The right fix is to fix the doc/examples/, but the easier one it to fix the mkdir detection.

configure runs mkdir --version and detects busybox with a 'BusyBox '*) pattern, but busybox first print the error message, so the subject text does not start with "BusyBox". The suggested patch just matches "BusyBox" anywhere inside the message.

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