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community/xdg-desktop-portal: upgrade to 1.18.1

Krassy Boykinov requested to merge chereskata/aports:xdg-desktop-portal into master

1.18.0...1.18.1 -> code changes lgtm

Changes in 1.18.1
Released: 2023-10-26

- Communicate better when the Background portal kills an app
- Properly quote Flatpak command in the Background portal
- Improve documentation of the "cursor_mode" propery of the ScreenCast
  backend D-Bus interface
- Fix ScreenCast portal removing transient restore permissions too early.
  This fixes screen sharing dialogs on Chromium asking for the screen multiple
- Only send the Closed session signal to the sender
- Add Meson options to disable building with Bubblewrap, and without the
  Flatpak portal documentation. Disabling Bubblewrap is **highly** discouraged,
  and only meant to be used on platforms that do not currently support it. By
  disabling Bubblewrap, bitmap validation happens without a sandbox, which is
  highly insecure since image parsing is a common source of exploits. Really,
  just do not disable Bubblewrap please.
- Improve the manpage of portals.conf
- Various spelling fixes to the Document portal
- Add a new website! We don't have a fancy domain yet, but the website can be
  accessed at
- Improve pid mapping for host system apps. This should get rid of some rare,
  unnecessary warnings.
- Adjust documentation of Global Shortcuts portal's timestamps to millisecond
- Bump minimum Meson version to 0.58


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