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Draft: community/liborcus: upgrade to 0.19.0

Krassy Boykinov requested to merge chereskata/aports:liborcus into master
orcus 0.19.0

* general

  * added support for allowing use of std::filesystem,
    std::experimental::filesystem or boost::filesystem per build

* xlsx

  * refactored styles import to use style indices returned by the document
    model implementer rather than using the indices stored in the file.  This
    allows the implementer to aggregate some style records and re-use the same
    index for records that are stored as different records in the original

* xls-xml

  * fixed a bug where column styles were not applied to the correct columns
    when the starting column index was not 0.

* gnumeric

  * overhauled the Gnumeric import filter to fix many bugs and support many
    missing features relative to the other filters included in orcus.  Most
    notable mentions are:

    * cell styles

    * rich-text strings

    * named ranges

    * row heights and column widths

    * merged cells

* parquet

  * added partial support for Apache Parquet import filter.  This is still
    heavily experimental.

orcus 0.18.1

* sax parser

  * added support for optionally skipping multiple BOM's in the beginning of
    XML stream.  This affects all XML-based file format filters such as
    xls-xml (aka Excel 2003 XML).

* xml-map

  * fixed a bug where XML documents consisting of simple single-column records
    were not properly converted to sheet data.

* xls-xml

  * fixed a bug where the filter would always pass border color even when it
    was not set.

* buildsystem

  * added new configure switches --without-benchmark and --without-doc-example
    to optinally skip building of these two directories.

orcus 0.18.0

* general

  * fixed the flat output mode to properly calculate the lengths of UTF-8
    encoded strings.

  * replaced all uses of std::strtol() to parse_integer() to properly parse
    strings that are not necessarily null-terminated.

  * added a new output format type 'debug-state' which dumps the internal
    state of the populated document model in detail.  This can be useful
    during debugging.

  * separated the import_shared_string interface implementation from the
    backend shared strings store per separation of responsibility.

  * merged the foo_t and foo_active_t struct pair, such as font_t and
    font_active_t, in the styles store into a single type using std::optional.

  * revised the documentation and public API and cleaned things up where

* ods

  * reimplemented the number format styles import to correctly keep track of
    element stacks and correctly perform structure checks to detect malformed

  * added new interface to import named styles applied to columns.

  * added new interface to import attributes for asian and complex scripts for
    the folloiwng font attributes:

    * font name

    * font size

    * font style

    * font weight

  * re-designed the styles import interface to make it multi-level.

  * re-worked the import of the style:text-underline-width attribute to make
    its handling more in line with the specifications.

* xls-xml

  * added support for importing wrap-text and shrink-to-fit cell format

  * added support for importing cell-hidden and locked attributes.

  * added support for importing direct and named cell formats applied to
    columns and rows.

* xlsx

  * added support for importing wrap-text and shrink-to-fit cell format

  * added support for importing direct and named cell formats applied to
    columns and rows.

* xml-map

  * added a new interface to pass the encoding information to the document
    model so that it can correctly decode non-UTF-8-encoded string values.

orcus 0.17.2

* ods

  * fixed a bug where the state of style:cell-protect="none" was not
    explicitly pushed, thereby having had the same effect as not having this
    attribute.  After the fix, style:cell-protect="none" will explicitly push
    the hidden state to false, locked state to false, and the formula-hidden
    state to false.

orcus 0.17.1

* general

  * addressed a number of coverity issues.

  * removed a variety of compiler warnings.

* ods

  * re-generated sax parser tokens from ODF v1.3.

  * revised the style import code to only push style attributes that are
    actually specified in the XML.

* xls-xml

  * revised the XML structure validation strategy to ignore any mis-placed
    elements and their sub structures rather than aborting the import.

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