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community/mdds: upgrade to 2.1.1

Krassy Boykinov requested to merge chereskata/aports:mdds into master

Needed for !53278 (closed)

mdds 2.1.1

* flat_segment_tree

  * added a method that returns a segment range object compatible with ranged
    for loop.

  * added a move constructor and a move assignment operator.

  * added variants of search() and search_tree() that return a result data
    structure that contains the value, the start and end keys of the range.

* multi_type_vector

  * added a range adaptor for mdds::mtv::element_block compatible with ranged
    for loop.

mdds 2.1.0

* general

  * switched to using ax_valgrind_check for running memory tests.  This
    introduces additional build targets, such as check-valgrind to run the
    tests under valgrind.

* multi_type_vector

  * delayed_delete_vector has been introduced as the new default storage type
    for the element blocks.  This storage type is optimized for use cases
    where elements get repeatedly erased from the front of the array, by
    delaying the actual deletion of the elements until much later.  This
    reduces the amount of element shifting associated with the element
    deletions, which can be costly.

  * added an additional template parameter to the element block types in order
    to allow the underlying storage type to be specified per element type.
    This can be used to switch between std::vector, std::deque,
    delayed_delete_vector, or any other compatible custom container types.

* sorted_string_map

  * made the entry type a template parameter to allow optionally defining the
    keys in the entry values as std::string_view.

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