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community/libreoffice: upgrade to

Krassy Boykinov requested to merge chereskata/aports:libreoffice into master
  • armv7 builddeps fail because of plasma-framework5-dev and kconfig5-dev unavailable for armv7 (Bug extra-cmake-modules is available again for armv7 - Actually the packages are listed in ...) - !53138 (closed)
ERROR: unable to select packages:
    masked in: cache
    satisfies: world[.makedepends-libreoffice=20231009.153319]
  kconfig5-dev (no such package):
    required by: .makedepends-libreoffice-20231009.153319[kconfig5-dev]
  plasma-framework5-dev (no such package):
    required by: .makedepends-libreoffice-20231009.153319[plasma-framework5-dev]
>>> ERROR: libreoffice: builddeps failed
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