RFC: */*: drop HashiCorp due to license change

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We have had discussions again on IRC wrt HashiCorp moving to a non-free license that open up to future uncertainty, regardless of their written reply on the matter:

"We address this in the FAQ (Q12, 13). Since you are only redistributing it, this is allowed under BSL. The restriction around redistribution is covered in Q15 of the FAQ but that does not seem to be the use case here so please continue to include our products as part of your distro packages.

as the BUSL is revokable, meaning that we could be forced to retroactively remove the packages.

Some of us feel that it would be better to just drop these aports, rather than keep them at current MPL-2.0 licensed releases, as:

  • old versions would start to have build problems over time
  • bug/security patches would be hard to impossible (if they're BUSL licensed) to apply
  • it would make our stance clear on licenses like BUSL (zerotier-one was previously removed due to this license)

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