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# Libpeas 2.0.0

This release corresponds with GNOME 45.0.

Changes since 1.99.1:

 * Translation updates

# Libpeas 1.99.1

This release corresponds with GNOME 45.rc.

It contains various build system improvements that were found when
integrating 1.99.0 with various distribution channels.

# Libpeas 1.99.0

This is the beginning of the libpeas 2.0 series. It breaks ABI with previous
versions of libpeas and therefore can be installed along-side libpeas-1.0.

This allows libpeas to improve API ergonomics as well as implement features
which will improve integration with GTK 4.

## GJS

With libpeas-2 we are gaining a new plugin loader in GJS. This is the same
JavaScript engine (powered by SpiderMonkey) that GNOME Shell uses and allows
for modern JavaScript programming with clean integration of GObject.

This works using new-style JavaScript modules and recent feature additions
to GJS. See https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gjs/-/merge_requests/846 for
more information.

## Removal of libpeas-gtk

libpeas-gtk is not part of libpeas-2.

Application developers are encouraged to use GTK 4's integration with
GtkListView and similar widgets with PeasEngine. It provides a GListModel
implementation with PeasPluginInfo to bind into row widgets.

## Removal of PeasActivatable

Interfaces are cheap and easy to create in GObject these days. Application
developers are encouraged to create their own interfaces or base-objects
which can implemented by their plugins.

## Removal of Python 2 support

Everything of consequence is on Python 3 now. There is no need for us to
maintain the Python 2 loader for new applications targeting libpeas-2.

## Deprecated API

Previously deprecated API has been removed from libpeas such as the very
old GObject Introspection integration using "call" on extension objects.

## PeasEngine

The PeasEngine object now implements a GListModel of PeasPluginInfo. Now
that PeasPluginInfo is a GObject, you may bind its properties to labels
within rows of a GtkListView with relative ease.

Additionally, you can easily filter lists based on type-to-search with
GtkFilterListModel, more than you could ever do with libpeas-gtk.

## PeasExtensionSet

PeasExtensionSet is also a GListModel which improves situations where an
application wants to limit which extensions within a set are active based
on arbitrary conditions.
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