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testing/jdtls: upgrade to 1.27.1

Krassy Boykinov requested to merge chereskata/aports:jdtls into master

supercedes !51570 (closed)


1.27.1 (September 14th, 2023)

    bug fix - Log errors from project importer. See #2843.
    build - Update target platform to 4.29 Release build. See #2848.

1.27.0 (September 12th, 2023)

    performance - Stale code actions should be cancellable and paste actions should have higher priority. See #2799.
    enhancement - Introduce new snippet templates with appropriate context. See #2800.
    enhancement - Add folding range for multiple single-line comments. See #2797.
    enhancement - Use a more appropriate completion item image for annotation attributes and records. See #2796.
    enhancement - Add support for LSP-standard type hierarchy. See #2769, #2814.
    enhancement - Select suitable JDK to launch Gradle. See #2812.
    bug fix - Call hierarchy should always report the end of its progress. See #2827.
    bug fix - Fix multiline semantic highlighting for class, interface & record declarations. See #2807, #2789.
    bug fix - The type declaration snippets should generate file headers. See #2813.
    bug fix - Fix folding ranges for nested switch statements. See #2794.
    bug fix - Fix "java.lang.VerifyError: Operand stack overflow". See #2790.
    bug fix - Record methods are not recognized under certain conditions. See #2788.
    bug fix - Fix compiler arguments parsing failure in Gradle build support. See #2781.
    bug fix - Add check for workDoneProgress client capability. See #2776.
    bug fix - Filter out excessive logging of classfile parsing from m2e in "debug mode". See #2785.
    bug fix - Don't escape unicode characters when pasting string literals. See #2834.
    bug fix - Enable by default syntactic null analysis for fields. See #2822.
    build - Support python wrapper for Windows. See #2808.
    build - Fix Java LS tests. See #2829, #2737.
    build - Use upstream Apache commons instead of Orbit ones. See #2826.
    build - Update m2e to 2.4.0. See #2825, #2831, #2837.
    build - Support native builds of arm/aarch64. See #2784.
    build - Update Tycho from 4.0.0 to 4.0.2. See #2786, #2804.
    build - Convert CleanUpTest to use Java Text Blocks. See #2795.
    build - Modernization and reduce unnecessary comments in cleanups package. See #2791.
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