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community/chromium: roll 3.18-stable to 117.0.5938.62

elly requested to merge elly/aports:chromium-117-0-5938-62-3.18 into 3.18-stable

Unfortunately this is a bit involved. This change:

  • Drops random-fixes.patch in its entirety, which doesn't appear to have been necessary at all - it was originally added with no rationale.
  • Prunes out parts of libstdc++13.patch which have been applied upstream
  • Drops chromium-115-skia-include.patch (which is now upstream)
  • Drops chromium-115-verify_name_match-include.patch (which is now upstream)
  • Removes use_gnome_keyring=false (the build arg itself is gone)
  • Disables use of Rust for now, because the build scripts are broken on Alpine - fixing that is pending
  • Rebundles re2, since re2 made a breaking change which 117 depends on but which we can't bring to 3.18
  • Rebundles brotli, since some of the upstream chromium code has started directly referencing the bundled headers (an upstream bug I will try to fix later)
  • Fixes some missing libc++ includes in //third_party/ipcz
  • Fixes an incorrect unqualified use of std::round() in //third_party/material_color_utilities
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