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main/linux-lts: reenable Raspberry Pi 4 modules on aarch64

Sam Edwards requested to merge CFSworks/aports:linux-lts-pi4 into master

The mainline kernel these days has enough driver support for decent hardware enablement on Raspberry Pi 4 -- enough for NAS/server use cases, at least. Some users (myself included) may thus prefer to use it instead of the Raspberry Pi fork.

With the bump to 6.1.0 [1], several of these drivers were removed from the linux-lts package. I found no mention why, but it was probably done because this kernel cannot boot on a Pi 4 without the necessary drivers being included in the initramfs.

This patch reenables the necessary drivers as modules, which allows a Pi 4 to boot and run linux-lts (subject to mkinitfs being properly configured).

[1]: Commit 909d020b ("main/linux-lts: upgrade to 6.1.0")

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