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main/py3-pluggy: upgrade to 1.3.0

Krassy Boykinov requested to merge chereskata/aports:py3-pluggy into master
pluggy 1.3.0 (2023-08-26)
Deprecations and Removals

    #426: Python 3.7 is no longer supported.


    #428: Pluggy now exposes its typings to static type checkers.

    As part of this, the following changes are made:

        Renamed _Result to Result, and exported as pluggy.Result.

        Renamed _HookRelay to HookRelay, and exported as pluggy.HookRelay.

        Renamed _HookCaller to HookCaller, and exported as pluggy.HookCaller.

        Exported HookImpl as pluggy.HookImpl.

        Renamed _HookImplOpts to HookimplOpts, and exported as pluggy.HookimplOpts.

        Renamed _HookSpecOpts to HookspecOpts, and exported as pluggy.HookspecOpts.

        Some fields and classes are marked Final and @final.

        The API Reference is updated to clearly delineate pluggy’s public API.

    Compatibility aliases are put in place for the renamed types. We do not plan to remove the aliases, but we strongly recommend to only import from pluggy.* to ensure future compatibility.

    Please note that pluggy is currently unable to provide strong typing for hook calls, e.g. pm.hook.my_hook(...), nor to statically check that a hook implementation matches the hook specification’s type.

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