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community/{minizip,zlib}: upgrade to 1.3

Krassy Boykinov requested to merge chereskata/aports:minizip into master

Version 1.3 has these key updates from 1.2.13:

    Building using K&R (pre-ANSI) function definitions is no longer supported.
    Fixed a bug in deflateBound() for level 0 and memLevel 9.
    Fixed a bug when gzungetc() is used immediately after gzopen().
    Fixed a bug when using gzflush() with a very small buffer.
    Fixed a crash when gzsetparams() is attempted for a transparent write.
    Fixed test/example.c to work with FORCE_STORED.
    Fixed minizip to allow it to open an empty zip file.
    Fixed reading disk number start on zip64 files in minizip.
    Fixed a logic error in minizip argument processing. 
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