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testing/dotnet8: new aport

Antoine Martin requested to merge ayakael/aports:dotnet8/initial into master

New aport for dotnet8.

Changes from dotnet7:

  • dotnet8-runtime now takes care of building runtime + sdk for feature branch 8.0.1xx, much like dotnet7-build,
  • dotnet8-sdk now only repackages build artifacts from dotnet8-runtime, much like dotnet7-runtime. Eventually, this will build dotnet8-sdk components for feature branch 8.0.2xx and above per
  • added -dbg subpackages per
  • building for s390x and ppc64le now that support has matured (cut due to still unstable / slow builds)

The following diff compares the two: ayakael/aports!19 (diffs)

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