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testing/tuptime: upgrade to 5.2.2

Ricardo Fraile requested to merge rfmoz/aports:tuptime into master

Update to the latest version getting latest changes:

  • Swich between longest/shortest on default output with -i
  • Option -x, --silent renamed to -q, --quiet
  • Change repository name
  • Return -e option as an argument for --dec decimals
  • Deprecate --pctl option
  • Adding -E, --exclude option
  • Print longest uptime and downtime values on default output
  • Cover DB writes with transactions
  • Register DB version on PRAGMA user_version
  • Abbreviate format in time counters
  • Identify new startups with boot_id
  • Adding -b, --bootid option to show boot IDs
  • Adding -i, --invert option to show startup number in reverse count
  • Code refactoring

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