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community/modemmanager: enable/disable messaging AT unsolicited events

QC8086 requested to merge QC8086/aports:modemmanager into master

Hello, I would like to add this patch to ModemManager.

I am trying to improve the Librem 5 device package in postmarketOS aports so that the modem functions reliably when used with device suspend. However, this patch is necessary as without it SMS will not be received properly if they are sent while the phone is suspended.

It has already been accepted into upstream ModemManager here, but has not been made part of a stable release yet.

The patch for 1.20.6 comes from Purism's GitLab (along with more details) here. They are using it with their current stable branch (byzantium).

And finally, the postmarketOS MR I opened here.

Ideally this would be backported to v3.18 so it can be part of postmarketOS's v23.06 release.

Please let me know what I can do. Thank you.

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