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community/heirloom-doctools: avoid conflicts with common packages

Sören Tempel requested to merge nmeum/aports:heirloom-doctools-conflict into master

The heirloom-doctools provides several small binaries which are intimately tied together. Unfortunately, these binaries are also provided by other common and packages (e.g. coreutils, util-linux-misc and groff). For this reason, it was previously not possible to have, for example, util-ilnux-misc and heirloom-doctools installed simultaneously.

Since the aforementioned packages are quite popular this is a common annoyance. To workaround this issue, install the heirloom-doctools binaries and man pages to non-standard directories and provide a /etc/profile.d configuration file to add these directories to the PATH and MANPATH.

This approach is also taken by other downstream packagers [1].

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