community/gnome-contacts: New patch to enable adding contacts with data through dbus

Closed Adam Plumb requested to merge adamplumb/aports:gnome-contacts-new-contact-data into master

Hi all, this is a simplified version of this MR on the actual GNOME Contacts repository that exposes a dbus interface for adding contacts from other applications with some existing data like a phone number or email address.

For some context, the chatty application added a button to the "Chat Details" screen to allow adding a contact from an SMS chat with an unknown number. In chatty, the button attempts to call the 'new-contact-data' interface, opening up a GNOME Contacts "New Contact" window. This front-end button worked for a while on some systems (probably just PureOS, not sure about any others) because Purism maintained a patch on GNOME Contacts, but it actually does nothing on PostmarketOS. I think original patch ended up being trashed (my guess) because the GTK4 migration required a total rewrite.

I use PostmarketOS and would like the ability to add a contact from an SMS/MMS in chatty (and give others that ability), and this patch gets that existing button to work. The Contacts people may be reticent to accept this patch, based on previous comments from the linked MR, though I'm willing to work with them to make this fit for them. I haven't heard anything from them yet, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to see if a narrower patch would be acceptable here, to enable the functionality for Alpine/PMOS users.

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