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2D animation creation software


  • Build fails as of 2023-05-18 on the same version of the application (last built successfully on x86_64 and x86 on 2023-05-02). Update 2021-08-02: build fails on v. 1.7.1 while looking for tinyexr.h header in toonz/sources/image/exr/tinyexr_otmod.h:5:10.

  • The process currently fails during the package stage with ERROR: [path to build dir]/lib/opentoonz/libcolorfx.so: Could not find owner package. I was unable to reproduce this error locally, but instead had another error, ERROR: opentoonz*: Has /home/... in rpath. What is missing? The resulting opentoonz script/executable otherwise builds and runs from a brief test. The depends list will be finalised after it reaches the dependencies tracing stage.

  • There is currently a Qt5 5.15.9 bug that causes building to fail at the translation files. The simpler option is to temporarily disable translations (1), but not sure if (2) would be preferred to salvage the translations? Potential workarounds:

    1. Disable translations (-DWITH_TRANSLATION=OFF)
    2. Rename the translation files to have unique names (untested)
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