main/linux-lts: enable support for Intel Bay Trail tablet devices

Closed Clayton Craft requested to merge craftyguy/aports:linux-lts-baytrail-tablet into master

This enables some drivers for various devices used by some Bay Trail tablets that I'd like to support in postmarketOS.

  • enable support for Intel SOC PMIC This driver is required for display backlight controls to work on Bay Trail tablets / laptops. This has to be builtin (i.e. not a lkm) because of some timing/ordering which requires this to be loaded before other drivers (e.g. i915) attempt to use it.

Old size (6.1.21-r0): 8837408 Mar 23 01:09 vmlinuz-lts New size: 8894688 Mar 23 01:14 /boot/vmlinuz-lts

  • enable SOC_BUTTON_ARRAY: Required for hw keys/buttons on some tablets

  • enable Atom ISP support: for supporting cameras on some Intel Atom tablets/laptops.

  • enable CM3218 ambient light sensor

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