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community/sxmo-dwm: disable bonsaid on most archs

Willow requested to merge StacyHarper/aports:sxmodwmnobonsai into master

Only aarch64 and x86_64 support bonsai. So I prepared a dedicated build option to disable it on other distros. But ofc I forgot to use it with the last upgrade!

It looks like the srht project tar.gz checksum changed, caused by their infra upgrade to Alpine 3.17. They already fixed this problem but we released some packages in between.



11:35 <staceee> mhh so project checksum tar.gz changed. Is there a way to mitigate the issue? I'm now flagging a r+1 package and I have to explain why the checksum changed?
11:37 <staceee> Is it possible to communicate this officially so that I can just point this as reference?
11:41 <@ddevault> staceee: we fixed the checksums on production
11:41 <@ddevault> should match the old ones
11:42 <staceee> mhh
11:42 <staceee> just now?
11:42 <@ddevault> yesterday
11:45 <staceee> I might be missing something then o_O
11:45 <staceee>
11:46 <staceee> abuild cache && abuild checksum gives a new checksum 
11:46 <staceee> cleancache*
11:46 <staceee> ah
11:46 <staceee> I flagged with the new checksum two days ago
11:46 <staceee> and then you guys fixed it
11:46 <@ddevault> yeah
11:46 <@ddevault> we returned the wrong checksum between
11:46 <@ddevault> March 22nd and yesterday
11:46 <@ddevault> 9 days
11:47 <staceee> okay good enough. I'll explain this :D thanks!
11:47 <@ddevault> np
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