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{main,community,testing}/*: use None buildtype for CMake and plain buildtype for Meson

Rasmus Thomsen requested to merge (removed):tracker into master

We previously used the 'RelWithDebInfo' or 'Release' buildtype for CMake and the 'debugoptimized' or 'release' buildtype for Meson. These add their own C{,PP,XX}FLAGS, which we don't want - we want control over what C{,PP,XX}FLAGS are used so we can set them ourselves. There are significant size differences between the different buildtypes, to quote :

To make the impact of this clear, here's a comparison between CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo and CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=None for attica:

attica-5.67.0-r0 installed size: 823296

attica-5.67.0-r1 installed size: 823296

attica-5.67.0-r2 installed size: 589824

-r0 is compiled with RelWithDebInfo and the flags the builders use, -r1 is compiled with None and CFLAGS set to -O2 in abuild.conf and -r2 is compile with None and the default flags of abuild (-Os -fomit-frame- pointer).

Similiar (although not as drastic, but maybe that's just on libtracker vs attica) differences can be seen with meson (using the same flags as above):

libtracker-2.3.2-r0 installed size: 5718016

libtracker-2.3.2-r1 installed size: 5713920

libtracker-2.3.2-r2 installed size: 4911104

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