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Draft: testing/loki: upgrade to 2.7.1

Michael Pirogov requested to merge uuser/aports:loki into master

Notable changes:

  • New Internal Server and TLS TLS can now be configured everywhere and there is an internal server to allow ring, memberlist, and readiness handlers to continue to work without TLS.
  • Better Support for Azure Blob Storage thanks to the ability to use Azure's Service Principal Credentials.
  • Logs can now be pushed from the Loki canary so you don't have to rely on a scraping service to use the canary.
  • Additional label_format fields timestamp and line.
  • New embedded cache which is an in-process cache system that runs loki without the need for an external cache (like memcached, redis, etc).
  • New HTTP endpoint for Ingester shutdown that will also delete the ring token.
  • Faster label queries thanks to new parallization.
  • Introducing Stream Sharding an experimental new feature to help deal with very large streams.


  • support for max stream limit
  • config reload endpoint / signal
  • compressed file support
  • lambda-promtail now supports Kinesis data stream events
  • matches for the journal reader
  • basic tracing support

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